Wednesday, May 6, 2009

They say its Your Birthday!

My sweet little boy, Riley, is in the next room watching Christmas movies. Why you may ask? Because it's his birthday, and by his calculations it must be Christmas too. After many days of begging and pleading for our Christmas tree to be freed from it's box in the garage, he settled for "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" and "Its Christmas Charlie Brown!" tucked away in our family's DVD collection. This can only mean one thing -- a new holiday! Ladies and gentleman I give to you this 6th day of May....


Did you forget? How dare you! Where is your Rileymas tree? No Rileymas cookies either? Your children will be so disappointed! What kind of a parent are you? The spirit of Rileymas must have escaped your heart this year. Well, now you've got the memo, lets try and keep up next year kay?

Today will consist of a little family dinner, some cake, a few presents, and possibly the singing of a small babe wrapped in swaddling clothes. It's been five whole years since I held my babe wrapped in blue crocheted fluff. Each year has taught me lessons I could have never learned on my own. With the help of my Riley I am a stronger wiser mother.

Year one lesson learned: Catch your child when he is falling. Otherwise the stares, whispers and finger pointing that will go on behind your back may lead to a call involving Child Protective Services.

Year two lesson learned: NEVER laugh, snicker or otherwise hint that you are amused when your child sticks sausage links up his nose. It will get stuck. You will have to go to the emergency room. You will have to explain to your boss why you were late for work and you will have pay the enormous hospital bill later.

Year three lesson learned: Explain to your child the difference between Jesus -- his fellow classmate and buddy at play school and Jesus -- son of God. Otherwise claims of innocence due to direct instruction from Jesus (out on the playground) will be hard to explain to neighbors and friends. You will be known as the "Jesus freaks" that live down the street and play dates will be few and far between.

Year four lesson learned: Never encourage obsession. Otherwise Thomas the Tank Engine and all his steam engine friends will invade your home and steal your husband's hard earned money. You'll have to follow Thomas on his tour of the United States, learn his theme songs and perfect his specific chug-a-chug-chug along the imaginary train tracks in your living room
Year five lesson learned: Hug your child more. Kiss him every morning and remind him how truly unique and special he is. Remind yourself how lucky you are to have that booger picking, forgets to flush the toilet, still needs a hand to hold when he's scared five year old in your life.
I am blessed. I am amazed. I am in love.

Merry Rileymas to you all!

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