Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Oregonians are Drying Out!


The thickness of Arizona summer hasn't even arrived yet. I'm pretty sure the lovely Grand Canyon State is trying to screw with me. It's only April and already 90 degrees! In Oregon we call this unbearable. Lets just say I'm a little homesick today.
I miss the smell of the rain in Oregon. I miss the valley and it's protective mountain rages. I miss the vineyards that decorate the hillsides and most of all I miss the ocean. The sound, the smell, the very sight of the mighty pacific is how I know I'm home. Home. How I miss thee, how I long for thee!

We are making the best of Arizona, don't get me wrong. After all home is where you make it. Right?!?! Really, the fam and I are doing great. I really shouldn't be complaining.

Good new is I no longer need my dryer! For once I cant wait to get my electric bill. This particular load of laundry dried in 15 min! Oh glorious day, glorious day!

And just how darn cute is this?

Alas, the day my little boy no longer requires cartoon underoos will be the day I die a little inside.

He hates it when I display his unmentionables for all the neighbors to gawk at. I hope this wont be the only opportunity I get to make that round face of his red! :) Because that's what good moms do ya know!
Meanwhile we are learning all the tricks and trades of dessert life.
1. Stay away from the round pinchie bugs. Also known as scorpions.
2. Cactus plants and their flowers are not a good idea to pick from mommy to display on the kitchen table. We have returned to dandelions and other non-prickly weeds.

3. Staying hydrated does not mean picking up a 32 ouncer of Dr. Pepper at local gas station.

4. Sunscreen and floppy hats are not only for babies, toddlers, and children under 12 but for really, really, white mommies as well.

5. It's never too hot to dial the phone. (Or so my father tells me, my mother would disagree.)

The kids were miserable today and complained like no tomorrow.

My southern gentleman of a husband was sensitive to our north westerner plight and took us out for ice cream this afternoon. God bless you Dairy Queen!

Later on he helped me hose off the kids in the back yard. It was lovely!

This particular scenario counts as a bath right? I'm sure it does!

Love to all my Oregonians...I miss you all fiercely!


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