Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So...a lovely start to my newest blog. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me how fabulous I am. This blog is for my family, for the mommy blogger and anyone who can shed some light on all the mysteries in life...particularly my personal mysteries! :) Its true I am a borderline Mormon in more ways then one. I struggle with my inherited religion and the fact that its teachings may be perfect but it's followers are not. So here we are a family of 4 thriving and at the same time struggling in wavering beliefs. I have come to a point in life where I need to live and present myself for who I really am.

A little well known fact about myself: I love coffee!

I would take it intravenously if possible.

I tried giving it up.

It's just not an option.

And you know what? I could care less if the Relief Society President and the Bishop himself is made privy to my obsession.

I'm done faking it.

I'm a good person, just ask my mother.

The saddest part: I use to care about what other people in my ward thought about me.

Stay tuned for more shocking details and sins committed (by me) as outlined in The Word of Wisdom.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not hear to trash talk. I respect and admire those who faithfully commit and uphold the teachings of the LDS church. I just don't understand it, and I'm trying too. These are all my personal thoughts and ideas and what I ALONE believe and struggle one else!

So, on a lighter note. For your personal amusement and enjoyment I will also be blogging about our family's day to day workings because lets just face it...we McBride's are pretty darn interesting. Don't lie you know we are!

You may ask: "What do you do all day Angela while Jeremy is at work?" Well let me tell you! Right now my biggest challenge is trying to keep Haley from escaping through the doggy door and making a run for the Mexican border (which in conveniently 2 1/2 miles from our front door). Yesterday afternoon I found her trying to scale the 8ft brick wall that protects our new domain. Luckily Zelda the Wonder Dog wasn't too far behind and quickly alerted me to my escaped prisoner.

Riley has learned that there is a life without cable television. Yes, that's right, we have decided to go with out cable. It's working out quite nicely. No, we are not trying to start a new religious cult boycotting Mickey Mouse and Sesame Street! I'm actually very found of the the big yellow bird and his gang of misfit monsters. There aren't a lot of choices when it comes to cable companies around here. The price for cable was exactly one leg, four teeth and $99 for a small cluster of really crappy channels. So we are finding that we talk more to each other. I'm spending more time with the kids and getting creative. I forgot how much fun it was to dig in the dirt, build a tent city, or just take a second and actually TALK to my kids. For example I had no idea that Riley's favorite color is rainbow. Haley picks her nose with her left hand and holds her cereal spoon with her right. Also, I have discovered that Jeremy really does pick up his dirty socks. Zelda just has a particular fondness for dirty socks and digs them out of the laundry.

So how am I surviving down here on the surface of the sun? Pretty darn well if you ask me! We are FINALLY under one roof and have two happy thriving little McBride's to prove it!

Another bonus: Because we are indeed out in the middle of nowhere we no longer need to duck, hide and cover when the missionaries come a knocking! Don't judge all have done it at some point in your lives! I grantee some of you will be muting your televisions and blacking out the front of your house this evening! Avoiding that fateful invite to sacrament meeting in our new ward has become a sport for Jeremy and I. Jeremy is MVP for team McBride. He is so much better at saying thanks but no thanks. We ARE NOT ready to go back. Not yet. I don't know if we ever will be. There just comes a point in every one's "LDS experience" where you just want to be left alone. Is that sad? Is it completely selfish for me to be that way? Am I depriving my children of a wholesome gospel that is believed to save their innocent little soles? Am I going to hell? (I'm sure there are more then a few people that I know who think so.) These are just a few of the questions I struggle with. I guess if I'm going to outer darkness my sister and her Margirator will be there waiting for me? Just kidding! I really do love my sister and her margirator! Whats a Margirator you may ask...for another post...I promise!

Now that I have sufficiently ignored my children its time for me to get back. Hope you enjoyed my little rants and sin admission. Y'all come back now...ya hear?

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  1. HI! I am so glad you started a blog! Again from the sounds of it. Great layout too. Very cute stuff. :-) I will be back!